Just Transitions thought leaders at Stellenbosch University and the Sustainability Institute

Mark Swilling and Eve Annecke are the co-authors of Just Transitions: Explorations of Sustainability in an Unfair World.
(2012. Cape Town: UCT Press & Tokyo: United Nations University Press)
Rooted in the twin values of generosity and restoration, where all life is considered precious, we attempt in this book to consider a just transition, reconciling the sustainable use of natural resources with a commitment to sufficiency  where over-consumers are satisfied with less so that under-consumers can secure enough.

Current economic growth strategies around the world are rapidly depleting natural resources and eco-systems. This book provides an overview of these challenges from a global South perspective. The wider themes address questions such as how developing countries eradicate poverty via economic development, while encountering the consequences of global warming and dwindling supplies of clean water, productive soils, cheap oil, minerals and other resources; how they address widening inequalities, as well as the need to rebuild eco-systems services and natural resources.

A wide range of literature is brought together to rethink development with special reference to the greening of the developmental state, exploring the key role that cities could play in the transition to a more sustainably urbanised world, highlighting the neglect of soils and examining the potential of sustainable agriculture to feed the world.

Case studies from Africa are used to detail the challenges, set in the context of global trends.

It is our own experience of building the first mixed-income ecological village in South Africa that informs our explorations, along with the pioneering and set up of our masters level degree and transdisciplinary PhD in Sustainable Development. This year the masters degree is 11 years old Рbased at the Sustainability Institute, in the Lynedoch Eco-Village. We have worked combining practice, academics and activism throughout the transition of our country and the birth of its new democracy  and our work has always had a special focus on just development.