Prof Gunter Pauli

Gunter Pauli has been a visiting lecturer and professor at universities on all continents, and Member of the Board of NGOs and private companies in Asia, USA and Latin America. He is a Fellow of the World Academy of Arts and Sciences (San Francisco, USA), a creative Member of the Club of Budapest (Hungary), Member of the Club of Rome, moderated the Roundtable of Nobel Science Laureates hosted by HM King of Jordan State, and obtained a Doctorate from the Italian Government in systems design.

He has been awarded an Honorary Doctorate by the University of Pcs, Hungary. He has published 19 books (written 15 – edited 4), which have been printed in over 30 languages and 36 fables bringing science and emotions to children. Over 17 million copies have been distributed worldwide.

How to re-industrialize the local economy by reconnecting with the primary sectors
The drive towards globalization has led to a deindustrialization. Worse, the commoditization of the primary sectors (agriculture, forestry, fisheries and mining) has put tremendous pressure on communities. Just about any government that wishes to pursue a social and sustainable strategy while improving competitiveness is bound to fail in at least two out of three counts. The power of the Blue Economy is that it not only shows concrete pathways, it actually is implementing multiple projects around the world demonstrating that this strategy is not only viable, it seems even the only way forward for many nations around the world.