Faculty of the School of Public Leadership, and specifically from the postgraduate Sustainable Development programme, of Stellenbosch University, and the Sustainability Institute, are responsible for the academic aspects of ISDRC 19.

School of Public Leadership

The structured, trans-disciplinary postgraduate programme in Sustainable Development has been jointly designed and developed by the School of Public Leadership (SPL) and the Sustainability Institute.Four streams, or specialisations, are available: Sustainable Development, Sustainable Development Planning, Managing Sustainable Agriculture for Development, and Renewable and Sustainable Energy. The latter is offered in collaboration with the Centre for Renewable and Sustainable Energy StudiesĀ  in the Faculty of Engineering.

The main aim of the programme is to provide participants with an understanding and practical experience of the wide ranging contextual, conceptual and thematic issues involved in the planning, management and practice of sustainable development throughout the world. As the various global social and environmental crises deepen, a new generation is rising up into leadership positions in the public, private and non-profit sectors that are required to possess a broad transdisciplinary understanding of the various dimensions of these crises and related solutions. This integrated Masters and transdisciplinary PhD programme , aims to equip these people with the knowledge, experience and skills they will need if they are to grow and develop within this new field of career development.