Responsibilities of Track Chairs

Humanity now faces one of its greatest challenges in history – the ever increasingly complex task
of dealing with unsustainable social, economic and technocratic development in a globalized
world. The last decades of dialogue pertaining to the concept of sustainable development has
amounted to mere surface attempts at changing global political and economic systems that are
clearly unjust, unstable and unsustainable. More than ever the responsibility rests upon thought
leadership institutions, such as the International Sustainable Development Research Society, to rise
up to the challenge of informing policy- and decision-makers, and social practitioners, of how to
deal with the core issues of unsustainability. A fundamental understanding of the barriers and
mechanisms for rapid transitions to a more just, resilient and sustainable world is the urgent task.

The focus of this conference on ’Just Transitions’ captures this challenge, and is divided into a

number of them es, subthem es and associated tracks that collectively represent this plea.

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The main them es and sub-themes of ISDRC-‘~?.”19 are thus as follows:

9 A. Crisis, complexity, global change and transitions, with a critical analysis of the science of
sustainability, academia, ethics and leadership:
o Academia, Education and Sustainability Scien ce
0 Justice, Ethics, Deep Ecology and Spirituality

9 B. Rethinking development in terms of greening the developmental state, new forms of
urba nism in the context of ecology, social development a nd food security:
o Social Dynamics, Behaviour, Psychology and Sustain ability
0 Con servation, Preservation, Ecology and Restoration

9 C. Better Governance, Institutions and Economic structures, to support sustainable
developmentand design:
0 Economics, Business, Design and Innovation for sustainability
0 Globalization, Policy, Institutions and Governance

1.’ D. Achieving rapid transitions for sustainable living, decoupling production and
consumption from resource limits and ecological constraints, and pioneering innovative,
liveable and sustainable contexts
0 Resources, Land Use and Decoupling
o Transitions to Sustainability