Sustainability Institute

The Sustainability Institute is an international living and learning centre located outside Stellenbosch. Surrounded by the breath taking beauty of the Cape’s towering mountains and rooted in an agricultural community needing to break free from its’ racial past, the Sustainability Institute provides a space for people to explore an approach to creating a more equitable society that lives in a way that sustains rather than destroys the eco-system within which all society is embedded.
The Sustainability Institute forms part of the wider Lynedoch Eco-Village. This is an emerging ecologically designed, socially-mixed community built around a learning precinct, the heart of which is the Lynedoch pre- and Primary School attended by 450 children who come mainly from the families of farmworkers. This emerging community offers a unique African setting where creative work and learning can be inspired by the joys and challenges of sustainability in practice.
Founded in 1999, the Sustainability Institute provides residential accommodation for visiting writers, artists, activists, volunteers and scholars, and a learning space for participants in the Institute’s various educational programmes.

Alan Brent holds bachelor degrees in engineering (chemical) and philosophy (sustainable development); master degrees in science (environmental engineering), engineering (technology management), and philosophy (sustainable development); and a PhD in engineering management.

Since 1995 he consulted to a variety of industry and public sectors in South Africa and other developing countries in the fields of environmental engineering and management; his research focus now revolves around sustainable technology management. Currently he is appointed as a professor in the Sustainable Development programme of the School of Public Leadership (SPL) in the Faculty of Economic and Management Sciences, and he is also the associate director of the Centre for Renewable and Sustainable Energy Studies (CRSES), which is based in the Faculty of Engineering, of Stellenbosch University.