he Stellenbosch Innovation District (SID) is a programme aimed at enabling and engaging local and international innovation resources to build capacity for transitioning Stellenbosch into a SMART and sustainable town.

This programme essentially seeks to provide a system and platform to turn the towns local challenges into opportunities for urban transition towards sustainability. The various challenges are categorized, and presented as potential projects that require partnerships and coalitions to solve.
These may be in the form of innovative new and sustainable technologies, or a specialized mix of talents and resources to solve the more complex social problems. The innovation itself may be found in the process of marrying the public and private sectors into working together on sustainability challenges. For example issues in waste, mobility, communications, housing and so forth.

Additionally, the SID provides an excellent location for talented individuals, or companies to grow their businesses through innovation within the Stellenbosch eco-system. The success factor for ensuring progress towards a vision for SID as a SMART and sustainable town will be a continuous stimulation and co-ordination of challenges to be solved by researchers, entrepreneurs, businesses, society and government, in synchronicity. The SID provides the space and online platform to do just that as a living example of a just urban transitions project. For this reason it was regarded as apt to launch the project at ISDRC 19, as a side event.