Themes of ISDRC19

The central focus of ISDRC19 will be that of Just Transitions, with perspectives from both the global north and south. The outcome of ISDRC19 is expected to be similar to that stated by Swilling and Annecke (2012):
“…there should be little doubt that imagining and implementing more sustainable futures is the greatest challenge that our generation faces. To do this we not only need new ways of thinking, but we need to understand the history of patterns of thinking that fail to appreciate the evolutionary significance of our incontrovertible dependence on other living species and nature in general.”

ISDRC19 will thus revolve around core themes to explore Just Transitions; these being:

Crisis, Complexity, Global Change & Transitions, with a critical analysis of the Science of Sustainability, Academia, Ethics and Leadership.
Rethinking development in terms of greening the developmental state, new forms of urbanism in the context of ecology, social development and food security.
Better Governance, Institutions and Economic structures, to support sustainable development and design.
Achieving rapid transitions for sustainable living, decoupling production and consumption from resource limits and ecological constraints, and pioneering innovative, liveable and sustainable contexts.